Our Team

The Prideful Hearts team is trans-led and majority staffed by LGBTQ+ identified folks. We strive to bring diverse voices, experiences, and perspectives to the forefront and center this value in all that we create.

Why the labels? At Prideful Hearts we believe in brining our whole selves into our work. Each team member brings a unique perspective and viewpoint of the world that we carry into our projects. The labels help us to connect with those like us, while also quickly letting you know a bit more about who we are. Our hope is that by using labels we create the opportunity to build meaningful connections with our clients and one another. 

Devin Brinkley

Social Media Manager (she/her)

Black Woman, Straight, ADHD + Anxiety, Parent of 2, Chronic Migraines + Fibromyalgia

Devin is an entrepreneur, civil rights and mental health advocate, and LGBTQIA+ ally. Devin has over 13 years of business administration, communications and marketing experience. She is the Founder of Creative Gravity Consulting, LLC a social media agency. She prides herself on helping businesses of all sizes organically promote and grow their brands online and convert their followers to clients. She has supported multiple industries including healthcare, dining, retail, and podcasts. Devin loves binging on true crime podcasts, horseback riding, and spending time with her two sons, husband and dogs Lincoln & Ivy.

Danielle Zarcaro

Web Developer (she/her)

White, Lesbian, OCD + Anxiety, Cat & Husky Parent

Danielle has been developing and caring for custom WordPress websites for almost a decade, providing services that amplify voices that need to be heard. A builder that helps storytellers. She'll get excited any time there's a gadget to tinker with or a puzzle to put together. She loves snuggling cats and putting hot chocolate in her coffee. You'll often find her awake past sunrise and up in time for the sunset.

Kayden Taylor

Project Manager & Podcasts (he/him)

White, Queer, Transman, Bipolar Disorder, Animal Dad, Trans Activist

Kayden is a trans activist, podcaster, entrepreneur and husband. Kayden has 15 years of project management experience in the private, public and non-profit sectors, is the founder of KJST Media a Trans Founded Podcast Production company and the host of podcast Transcaster Radio. Kayden loves watching baseball, spending time with his 5 furry kids, wife and loves to read in his spare time.

James Mellinger

Graphic Designer (they/them)

White, Queer, Non-binary, Feminist, Dog Parent

James is a graphic designer, motorcycle enthusiast, bike mechanic, and photographer. They enjoy a good challenge be it climbing up a mountain in Washington on two wheels or remodeling their home. James has a knack for being able to capture beauty behind the camera lens or pushing pixels on the screen. As they like to say, "Motorcyles, dogs and queers. Really what else do you need?"

Elizabeth Anne Hamilton

Brand Strategist & Editor (he/him)

White, Non-binary, Autistic, ADHD + PTSD + Depression Anxiety

Elizabeth Anne Hamilton is an author, a marketing strategist and a creative. He has worked in almost all aspects of the book world, including libraries, bookstore management, publishing, marketing and writing. His favorite accomplishment? Kicking Harry Potter off the number one spot on Barnes and Noble with a marketing book. In 2020, he received a later in life diagnosis of autism, ADHD, PTSD, depression and anxiety and is using that information to make his life, and the world, better. Elizabeth enjoys art, horror movies, books and David Bowie. Recently, he came in second place in a Weird Al lip-sync contest.

Abe Dickison

Co-Founder & Creative Director (he/they)

White, Queer, Genderfluid Transman, Epilepsy, Seahorse Dad

Abe is a serial entrepreneur, designer, and a seahorse dad. He has 12 years of experience as a designer and marketing strategist. He was inspired to co-found Prideful Hearts with a mission to create a work culture for the LGBTQ+ community that centers around compassion and understanding for their unique experiences in society. He is also the founder of Brave Bear, an organization that seeks to create opportunities to inspire moments of kindness and connection to strengthen the support circles of LGBTQ+ folks.